Team Building in Tucson

Howdy Y’all! Our team at Adventure Outside is is restin’ their doggies after another successful Wild West Bandit Showdown Team Building Event! Team building activities are perfect for bringing the office together outside of work to create a more symbiotic and harmonious environment at work.  

team building activities in tucson, azAs usual, the event started off with an appearance from Sheriff Ross who welcomed all of the different bandit gangs (15 teams of 12!) and explained to them their predicament. After years of evading the law, their luck had run out, and they were all facing the gallows.

However, Sheriff Ross put together a series of Wild West challenges to see which gang of bandits truly was the meanest in the West and spare the winning team. To prove themselves, each bandit gang had to rotate from station to station competing head to head against two other teams. At the end of five rotations, the winning team from each group of three competed head to head in one final Bandit Showdown. The winning bandit gang would then earn themselves a spot on the right side of the law and be deputized while the other gangs would meet their demise.

Lucky for Sheriff Ross, all of the gangs from the company were ready to compete and came in their finest cowboy getup!

The challenges started with the teams “Escaping from Jail” by using sticks and twine to create a pole long enough and sturdy enough to reach all the way out of their jail cell, hook their keys, and bring them back to their cell to unlock the locks and escape.

In the second station, the bandit teams had to “Get Outta Town” by roping a cow, then riding a “bouncy bronco” out of town and finally shooting arrows at pursuing lawmen to ensure their escape.

The gangs then went on to enjoy a “Night at the Saloon” getting dressed up as fast as they could and winning a quickdraw. Next, they participated in a classic Wild West Treasure Hunt using clues to uncover buried treasure then solving a puzzle treasure chest to get at the riches inside. Finally, the bandit teams tried their luck at “Poker Night,” a challenge involving creating the best poker hand using darts and dice.

team building activities in Tucson, AZAt the end of the five stations, the winning five teams came together to compete head to head in the final bandit showdown, incorporating elements of each of the previous challenges. While all of the bandit gangs competing valiantly, the Red Dead Riders from California emerged victorious and were deputized while the rest of the bandit gangs went home empty handed.

Now Sheriff Ross and his brand new deputies are all resting up for the next round of the Wild West Bandit Showdown to once again crown the next meanest bandit gang in the West!

If you’re looking for the perfect team building activities for your corporate group, check our team building page!

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